I love to read! Since I was a kid I have had a stack of books next to my bed. I can't tell you how many times that I have wanted to discuss with someone a particular scene in a novel, an interesting point in an inspirational, an incredible story in a biography, or a poignant phrase in the bible. 

       I have called my sisters on numerous occasions saying, "Read that book!" Being a wife and mother, it is nearly impossible to join the elusive book club. I thought to myself, why not have an online book club? So here it is! Tell me what you loved. Tell me what you hated. Tell me what you want to read next. 
Becky Matson
1/29/2012 03:33:40 am

Hi Audrey! It's Becky Matson. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts here! Your heart for God shines like gold refined. Keep writing!! My favorite read this month is a book by Dr. Caroline Leaf, "The Gift in You." All our thoughts spring from one of two powerful motivators...can you guess what they are? Knew I'd get you with that one! Blessings on you, dear girl, and on your precious family. I'll check back often!

8/7/2012 07:05:51 pm

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