My cure for the crazies this week...
      I can't BREATHE without coffee! Not when I am only getting a couple of hours of sleep each night. I love Starbucks, but at five dollars a pop...who can afford that? Not when I drink nearly five cups a day!

      We got a Keurig Brewer for Christmas this year (lucky us!), so we have been having fun trying out new brands. I did find a fabulous deal for the Keurig at SamsClub, though.

      I'm totally addicted to the Butter Toffee right now! A wonderful sweet, nutty, caramel flavor. Yum.  

    Have you tried this? Do you love it, like it or hate it? I would love to hear what your Cure for the Crazies is!


I LIVE by my Keurig lately! I'm into the Caribou blend with coffeemate hazelnut creamer.


I still love my Keurig Newmans organic! The decaf ia good too!


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