Making headbands for Isabel was my project for this weekend. This totally consumed my life for a few days. Fun, fun. I guess my creative juices started flowing because I ended up making WAY too many! I'm going to try my hand at selling on We'll see how that goes. lol 

      Here is a tutorial if you are interested in doing this project. Be warned...extremely addicting and messy!
Here is a tutorial on how to make this headband.
Hot Glue Gun
Pen or Pencil
Headband elastic
Tape Measure
Felt/Fabric (I used a polyester fabric)
Something to trace a circle (I used a bottle top)
A lighter (forgot this in pic)
Hot Tamales (A crafting must!) 

    Be creative! You don't have to buy the embellishments. I think the most beautiful ones are the ones that are completely hand made. Design is in the imperfections. :)
Measure and cut the elastic. I make them about 15 inches for kids. If you want a more exact fit, measure the head and subtract 1/2 inch. Adults are around 20 inches. Make sure you test the material, though. If it is really stretchy, you want to subtract a little more that 1/2 inch. Some firmer materials you need to subtract a little less than 1/2 inch. 

Trace two different size circles onto your fabric. I used a bottle cap for the bigger and a Keurig cup for the smaller. Cut them out and melt the edges with a lighter. This keeps the fabric from fraying, gives it a nice curl, and adds color dimension.

Glue the fabric circles together. Hint: Less is more! I alternated between front and back because my fabric had two beautiful colors. 

Trace a flower onto the (dark brown) felt. Cut it out and glue it to the embellishment. Cut out a large flower out of the brown felt and then a smaller flower out of the purple felt. Then, cut out a circle felt between those two sizes. Glue them together and add a button. 
Note: The first time, I free handed the flower onto a piece of paper then traced it onto the felt, but I wised up and got a stencil from the store because I was doing so many.

Fold the white felt in half. Arrange the three flowers onto the felt and trace the shape. Make sure you trace it quite a bit smaller. Cut out so that you have two pieces that are exactly the same.

Glue the flowers onto one of the white pieces.

Glue the headband onto the back of the flower. Then, glue the second white piece into the back to hide the headband. Ta-da! You've got a beautiful headband!

Have you done this project? How did it turn out? I would love to hear about it!

Seriously seriously GORGEOUS!!!! Love it! =)

Donnalee Booth

These are so beautiful, I would like to purchase some, I didn't have any money yesterday when I saw them. They are done so beautifully. You are so talented. Really enjoyed our Bible Study. Looking forward
to doing this Bible Study! Love ya!


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