Love in Disguise is not your typical historical fiction novel. The romance between the heroine and hero is definitely the understudy to the main storyline. I usually have mystery novels figured out in the first couple of chapters, so it was nice to finally read one where I didn’t know who the culprit was. 

I didn’t emotionally connect with the characters, but the plot was well thought out which kept me turning the pages. Cox is a delightful writer. I would recommend keeping an eye on this author!

Out of desperation, Ellie Moore accepts a position as an operative for a detective agency. Her lack of espionage experience is made up for by her ability to disguise herself. She relies upon her acting skills and costumes in order to solve the mystery of the Arizona robberies. 

Stephen Pierce has to find out who is stealing the silver shipments from his mine before he is forced to board up permanently. Little does he know that the gray-haired widow he befriends is also the detective agent he hired! 

This book was reviewed for Bethany House Publishers. A review copy of this title was supplied free of charge through the Bethany House Book Reviewers Program. This review was my own opinion and not compensated by Bethany House Publishers.   

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