Deanne Gist is one of my favorite authors. Somehow I always find myself smiling throughout her books. she is also one of the few authors that make me laugh out loud. 

     This is a cute story about a telephone operator in the early 1900's named Miss Georgie Gail. The company she works for sends a new handy man named Luke to fix the lines. Little did she know that this maintenance-man was actually an arrogant Texas Ranger (Lucius Landrum) working undercover to capture the infamous Frank Comer. 

     Tempers flair when Lucius tries to take charge of this independent woman's switchboard station. When they finally admit their attraction for each other, Georgie finds out that Luke has no respect for the one thing she's passionate about.
     Have you read this book? Did you love it, like it, or hate it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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