This was a challenging read in more ways than one. The subject itself was a lot to grasp. This would be especially true for someone who was not familiar with the early Christian church. 

I welcome the gifts and manifestation of the Holy Spirit, so I found the book very insightful. The first third of the book had a difficult time holding my attention. However, the remainder was interesting. I’m glad I finished it.

Word Spirit Power answers a fundamental question posed to the church, “Where is the Acts 2 power to perform miracles?” The trio argues that despite many denominations insistence that God no longer performs miraculous signs and wonders like He did in the early church, it is rather the church that denies the Holy Spirit. 

This book offers an insightful, yet challenging, message that the power of the Holy Spirit is activated when there is a marriage between the word of God and a yielding to the Holy Spirit. A balance of the two empowers us to fulfill our ministry with the biblical power of Acts 2.  

Have you read this book? Did you like it, love it, or hate it? I'd love to know what you think!

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