I realized after putting my baby’s diaper on my two year old and my two year olds diaper on my three month old that I… am… exhausted! I sat on the floor in a daze as I switched the diapers back thinking, “I don’t know if I can handle this for much longer.”
       In the last two months our family has dealt with a puking bug, three double ear infections, four colds, strep throat, two-year molars, countless temper tantrums and as of today…a cold sore. 

          There is something about having a baby that turns your world upside down and spinning on the wrong axis. My firstborn was colic. For someone that needs an average of 10 hours of sleep to feel functional you can imagine how difficult the transition was.  

          I once went three whole days without sleeping. One particular night, I was so tired that when William woke up for his 3am feeding I sat on my bed holding ‘my baby’ for two full minutes before I realized that I was nursing my pillow! True story!

            Although I can safely say that I haven’t found myself nursing my pillow recently, I am worn out. I am drained physically, emotionally and yes…spiritually.
            Have you ever felt worn out spiritually? Like your faith has been stretched as far as it possibly could be without breaking?            

            The other day I was letting out all of my frustration on my kitchen countertops. I clean when I’m frustrated about something….I clean a lot. Out of the blue I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Cease your striving.”

            I am reminded of Martha and her sister Mary in the bible. Martha was working so hard and Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet. When Martha complained to the Lord he said,

          “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed – or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”  Luke 11:41-42

            For years I understood this verse as Jesus chiding Martha. That bothered me because I am a Martha. I am a worker. I am a worrier. The Lord wasn’t reprimanding Martha…He was inviting her to rest. Jesus was basically saying,

          “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”  Matthew 11:29-30

           If we could just be still and know that He is God, He would gently take the rag from our hands and along with it the heaviness on our shoulders. The Lord understands our struggles…He knows what we are going through is hard.

            We have the opportunity to see the Lord glorify Himself through our circumstances if we would just REST.

            Isn’t that so comforting? We don’t have to strive and we certainly don’t have to go through our struggles alone.

            "Cease striving and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10 NISB


03/07/2012 1:05pm

I totally have felt that way....especially with the first baby. This one was much easier. But my older son is 5 now. So they may be why it was easier. I guess I just deal with the sassy older kid that a needy 2 year old. :) God Bless I love your new blog!

03/10/2012 11:19pm

Hi Gwen, I'm glad to hear that your second is much easier. I think it's because you know what to expect. Isabel feels SO easy compared to William still! Maybe it's because they have different personalities. Your baby is adorable by the way! Thanks for reading. :) Blessings!

03/07/2012 1:12pm

My second had colic and my third was born 13 months later. I can relate to the exhaustion. God's divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. (2 Peter 1:3). Everything includes time and sleep. Sometimes we need to look at each thing we are doing and ask "Am I called to do this?" Follow the Shepherd - Pat

03/10/2012 11:04pm

So crazy that you wrote this verse Pat! I have been reading this verse everyday for a week. lol I guess the Lord needs to really get it through my head. That really spoke to me. I do have some things that I need to ask myself if I'm called to. Thanks.

Thirteen months later is so close! How did you handle that?

03/13/2012 7:28am

This really hit home for me.. I have been feeling this same exact way.. And it's funny cuz when I'm upset or worried I clean clean clean like a mad women! My emotions have been everywhere lately.. Needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing I'm sure it's not easy sometimes. You sure have blessed me today by letting f use you through this blog. God bless you!

06/14/2012 5:45pm

Hi Shars,
Why do we women like to clean when we are emotional? lol Something about scrubbing... :) I'm so happy this spoke to you. You are right, sometimes it isn't easy being vulnerable. I feel like I always get bombarded with insecurity when I share something close to the heart, so your post means a lot to me. Sorry for the late reply...no idea how I missed this! I pray that you are able to rest in Him today. God bless you too!

03/13/2012 7:30am

Meant to put God in stead of f :)

06/14/2012 7:13am

Thank you for writing this! Praise God! I have a 4 year-old, a newborn, and a husband who just started his own company. Yesterday, just like you described, I heard the Holy Spirit say "cease your striving." Today I sat down to look it up (cease in Hebrew is to let the hands fall, let go, relax...all of which is a perfect description of what I need to do), and then I found your article! So encouraging. Thank you!

06/14/2012 5:36pm

Rachel, I love it when God confirms Himself! Thank you so much for sharing. It is always such a blessing to me when I hear that the Lord is speaking the same thing to someone else. It sounds like you have been going through some changes recently! Wow! Well, I pray you find yourself relaxing with that little baby. Savor each moment...the house can wait. :) Blessings!

08/08/2012 2:08am

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09/10/2012 7:41pm

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