Sanity Breaks is giving away this beautiful headband on Valentine's Day, February 14th! To enter this drawing:

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Good Luck Everyone!

Donnalee Booth
02/09/2012 6:30pm

SanityBreaks is the coolest blog! I love the author, Audrey Frazier!
Audrey is truly a beautiful young lady, a woman after God's own heart!
I really enjoy your devotionals and how God is speaking to you, some of what God has been speaking to me about. I love the art, crafts you do and how you show how to do the craft. I love your recipes of which I have been privileged to indulge in. I wish I had this when I was younger. Very encouraging and interesting.

Kristina Whitten
02/09/2012 9:05pm

Really cute headbands!! Thanks for teaching me how to make them!!

Amanda hurst
02/10/2012 4:31am

Love it! Such a cute design.

Shara Dietze
02/10/2012 5:29am

Ive so enjoyed your posts on your blog! You are a blessing to me and just sharing of you and your heart. God is using you to bring others closer to Him. Your head band is super cute/adorable! I know two little girls that it would look darling on. :) God bless you myfriend!

Christina Godfrey
02/10/2012 2:35pm

These are beautiful headbands. You are truly talented!!!

09/10/2012 7:37pm

fantastic article, thank you .....


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