I am an avid Witemeyer fan who usually grabs her books hot off the press. I was giddy when I read the jacket of this novel imagining all of the hysterical scenarios that could have led up to the title. This book lives up to the expectations you would have by viewing the cover. It is a sweet novel with strong leads but a predictable ending. 

    Witemeyer has a wonderful way of springing her stories off of the flaws of her characters. She does this frustratingly well in the Short-Straw Bride. I found the plot to be a little weak but still entertaining. It must have been because I stayed up to a maddening 3am to finish! Overall, I really enjoyed this title and would recommend it.

    Meredith Hayes daydreams of the childhood hero who saved her. When she overhears a plot to destroy everything he has fought to protect, is it obligation or infatuation that compels her to seek him out? 

    Travis Archer has spent years fortifying his life to keep people out. His usual threatening manner is enough to make even the toughest man high-tail it. Then why is this little slip of a woman not obeying his commands to leave? Heads bump as Meredith tries to scale the walls of his heart, but will Travis ever love her or just view her as a liability?

This book was reviewed for Bethany House Publishers. A review copy of this title was supplied free of charge through the Bethany House Book Reviewers Program. This review was my own opinion and not compensated by Bethany House Publishers. 

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